USA degrees offer fantastic opportunities at some of the world’s best universities and colleges. It’s a life-changing experience, but finding the perfect place to spend the next 4 years isn’t always straightforward - chosing the right major to take, campus culture, scholarship types, cost and administration all have to be considered.

We will manage the entire process for you, including helping you shortlist universities, write your application, market and promote your CV and arrange the practical details of living in a new country. We take away the hassle that so often stops student athletes attempting this on their own.


Aspire USA offers a selective service. We have an obligation to the student and our collegiate partners to find talented athletes who are capable of studying and participating as a sports scholar. We can therefore only offer a service to students who meet the right criteria.


We recommend 18 months from agreeing to proceed with Aspire USA, to arriving at your American College or University. Check out the diagram below for a high level overview.

We watch you perform, examine your sporting CV and interview you. We also examine your academic level to calculate your GPA and assess your admission chances.If the assessment is successful, you will be offered a place in Aspire USA programme.

We then create your media profile. This includes your sporting footage, sporting CV, academic profile, character references and a personal statement.

Together, we will set your 'College Criteria' and begin to shorlist
colleges. We devise a marketing strategy and proceed towards scholarship
offer (s)

Aspire USA will release your profile on your behalf to negotiate the
best scholarship possible. We use our extensive network to attract these
offers and help you decide which is a best fit. This is the fun part
and where you begin to see it all take shape. We will advise on official
visits and signing the National Letter of Intent.

Once you sign your NLI we guide you through the sometimes tedious
VISA, insurance and travel process to make sure you are ready to go. We
help prepare you for your trip and answer any remaining questions you
may have.

It doesn’t just stop there. We’re at the end of a phone for your and your family during your student placement.


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