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American colleges are home to some of the world’s best young tennis players. There are around 740 colleges offering elite training, many recruiting internationally to cherry pick the brightest talent. It’s a highly competitive environment, and candidates need a strong world and regional rating to qualify, but they can follow in the footsteps of US stars such as John Isner, Bob and Mike Bryan, Lisa Raymond and James Blake. 

Students on tennis scholarships will have an unparalleled opportunity to succeed with world-class coaching and facilities. But because we know young people only achieve their potential with a strong support network behind them, we also provide personal help and advice all the way from application to graduation. We make sure parents, coaches and mentors are always involved, as a scholarship is a huge move that doesn’t just affect the student athlete.

A tennis scholarship gives talented students an incredible opportunity in one of the most competitive environments for 18 to 22 year-olds. At the same time, they’ll study at a top university, build up a very attractive CV and form friendships that last a lifetime. We secure 90% funding for accommodation, course fees and living expenses, on average - and with our unique support, students can make their scholarship a life-changing success.

Talk to us about playing elite tennis at a world class university.

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