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Women’s field hockey is on the rise at US colleges. With three divisions, more than 150 programs at top colleges and over 120 international players, students can play at an elite level and gain an internationally-recognised degree. 

As well as world-class coaching and facilities, students enjoy comprehensive one-to-one support every step of the way. It takes real commitment to play and study at this level, but we’re just as committed to being there with practical help and advice, all the way from application to graduation. We also know that a US sports scholarship is a big move that doesn’t just involve the student, so we’ll also make sure that parents, coaches and mentors are fully involved too – building trust with the people that matter on both sides of the Atlantic.

A field hockey scholarship is an amazing opportunity to take sporting talent to a professional level in the most competitive environment in the world for 18 to 22 year-olds. But it’s also a chance to study at a top university, build a powerful CV and make life-long friends. We have a great track record, securing on average, 90% funding for accommodation, course fees and living expenses. And with our unique support, students have every opportunity to make their scholarship a life-changing success.

Talk to us about playing elite field hockey at a world class university.

Testimony - Iona Holloway

"Securing a field hockey scholarship to play in the U.S. changed my life, and I owe all of it to Holly. She knew what kind of player I was, the kind of physical and mental challenge I was up for and she found the perfect school for me to thrive in.

Playing for a top Division 1 school like Syracuse University was grueling at times, but winning the Big East Championships and making the NCAA Final Four are memories I will never forget"

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