We will soon be launching ASPIRE Performance - 5 weeks of performance training taliored to your sport; helping our client's train to be in the best possible condition for their ASPIRE USA Scholarship placement.

If youre interested in hearing when this service is avaliable,
please email Holly Cram or Brett Taylor


To help set ourselves up to succeed in these unprecedented times of COVID-19, Aspire USA has designed a training program that can be done in the garden.

Aspire USA Performance will create a bespoke training plan for your chosen sport and training needs. The PDF download gives you access to 1 of the 5 session. This has been created for rugby, but the skill acquisition can be adapted for multi sports. If you would like access to the full training modules, please complete the form below.

Apart from the session content there are some extras and challenges. Please video and WhatsApp so we can assess and help, plus we can share what you are doing. If you design other challenges and drills, then share these as well.

Any help needed then contact.

Rugby - Example hand-eye coordination exercise

ASPIRE USA Performance - Bespoke training plan

If you would like full access all 5 'Training in your garden' sessions or to discuss building a bespoke plan to fit your individual needs, please complete the form below.

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