Rebecca Nelson commits to Kent State University.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that client Rebecca Nelson has committed to Kent State University on a field hockey scholarship and is currently en route to spend the next 4 years at this fantastic campus.  Rebecca will be carrying on her hockey following on from a hugely successful school career at Repton School culminating in winning the English National Schools Championship earlier this year.  Rebecca was not only awarded an athletic scholarship for her hockey ability, she was also awarded the International Global Student Scholarship which is the first time ever that an athlete at Kent State has won this award. What an achievement. Kent State is an NCAA Division 1 athletics program and their academic program is nationally ranked.  Having visited the campus with her parents back at Easter time, Rebecca knew that this was the place she wanted to study at and would match her ambitious drive to progress as a student and a person.  We got the chance to ask her some questions about Kent State and why she chose to study in America:

1. Why did you decide to study in the States?

Rebecca: From a young age I knew I wanted to combine my athletic ambition with my academic drive.  Having looked at British universities I quickly realised that they were just not up to standard.  By going to America, I believe that the professional set up at each university will allow me to be the person I want to be. It will give me the chance to explore everything to a high standard, the level of athletics, international relations, internships and the degree structure.

2. What impressed you about Kent State?

Rebecca: I am thrilled that I chose Kent State.  From the second I stepped foot on the campus I knew it was going to offer me everything I wanted.  They really care about each individual person and took the time to learn my needs as an athlete and as a student.  The girls are very well looked after and the campus is safe and secure but where Kent State excel is their academic support.  We have an assigned academic tutor to the hockey team and can have as many meetings/help as I need to make sure I'm on track.  It's a safety net, a home away from home.

3. What advice would you give to athletes at the start of their journey?

Rebecca: My advice would be to do as much research as you possibly can and a visit is a must before you commit anywhere.  You want to look people in the eye and ask as many questions as you possibly can with as many different people as you can to decide if it's right for you.  Finding the right fit is the key so look outside the box.  Get help and direction as soon as possible and Holly did that for me right away, it's a tough process and you've got to be dedicated to it and give it everything to make sure you maximise the right opportunities.

4.  What are you most excited about?

Rebecca: I cant wait for my first tailgate at my first football game, that's going to be so exciting.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people from all around the world but especially my team mates.  My roommate is on the Lacrosse team so it will be good to get to know other sports and see how they train and prepare for matches.  We head to California to play Stanford and Cal Berkley in September which will be really fun.  The team are pushing to win the MAC Conference this year and I really just want to push myself and help the team be the best we can be.


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