The NCAA in Tokyo 2020

There were no less than 1,000 current, former and future NCAA athletes competing in Tokyo this summer at the Olympic Games.  And now the dust has settled on a hugely successful and highly anticipated Games, we can look back at the impact NCAA athletes made.  The medal tally added up to a staggering 271 medals won by NCAA athletes across Division I, II and III; 107 Gold, 81 Silver and 83 Bronze medals.  Over 100 countries were represented in Tokyo with NCAA medal winners coming from Uzbekistan, San Marino, Grenada, Kenya, Serbia and Chinese Taipei to name a few.  

Looking closer at the American athletes, over 75% of Team USA in Tokyo had competed at the college level which reinforces just how high the athletic standard is at the collegiate level.  It's safe to say there is no other system in the world that allows an student athlete to train and compete at a world class level AND graduate with a degree. 

Link here for the NCAA medal winners:



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