Launching 'Client Internship Program'

We are launching our first year of a new 'Client Internship Program' enabling us to utilise our existing clients experience to assist new clients currently going through the process.  This paid summer internship is our chance to continue to give back to our clients and in turn, for them to pass on vital experience to current clients getting set to head stateside.  

Being in the US on a scholarship never moves in a straight line, there will be setbacks, homesickness and physically draining periods where you wonder why you signed up for this.  But at the same time you will have the most incredible highs, build lasting friendships and take your sporting performance to the next level with this life altering journey. 

Our 2021 intern will be Daisy Ruhle.  Daisy has been through it all, NCAA ineligibility, transfer from D2 to D1, smashing school performance records, injury, captaincy and 2 changes in her major and minor choices.  She started in South Carolina and will end her college career in New York.  She's one of the most resilient and hard working clients we have worked with and we couldn't be happier to have her working for us for the summer.

As part of her job, she is offering a free 30min Q&A session on call or zoom to any current clients.  Please email her to book a slot daisy@aspireusa.uk.com


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